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TM Fine Art Boxes

Do you have someone in your life that really likes art? Maybe it’s their birthday or a holiday and you don’t know what to get them? It would be a good idea to get them art supplies but you just don’t know what to get… I got you!


Let’s be real, if you’re an artist you might relate to this: people don’t know what to buy for you when it comes to art. We get a ton of gift cards right? Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to get a gift card instead of supplies I won’t use or already have! BUT I would also love more than just a little plastic card at times. A card with a gift card just feels a little less special than the actual gifts I watch other people open.

This is for all my artists out there who want more than just a gift card!

I’m launching this idea: TM Fine Art Boxes. More likely than not you have someone in your life who loves to make art, or they’re just learning, or maybe it’s a strong hobby, or they use it for self care. Whatever it is, you know someone who makes art and it’s time to get them a gift. Instead of that gift card that all us artists get, come to me and I’ll design a whole box for your person with the price budget you set for me!

Here’s how we’re going to do it and you're going to fill out a FORM with some of the following:

  • You tell me about your artist

    • what they like to make

    • maybe things you know they already have

    • give me a few ideas of what they’ve been making lately

    • a little bit about them as a person too!

  • You pick a price for me to shop with

    • $70 - can usually get us some basics around 3-5 items in a box, I recommend no sketchbook

    • $125 - a good catch all price that guarantees a sketchbook and 3-5 more items

    • $185 - gives the ultimate price for a great assortment of either high quality items or many affordable items

*** Yes these prices might be high for a gift, I recommend splitting it with someone who would be interested in sharing this gift with you. Unfortunately the prices of art supplies has really increased over these last few years and that means these boxes will have to be priced accordingly. A small portion of the cost goes to supporting my small business for putting these together for you! ***

Some more details:

  • $10 off for local pickup of boxes at my studio in Bristol, PA or curbside on my front porch in Southampton, PA!

  • Shipping is automatically included in the price of the budget you set for art supplies to you or your artist directly!

  • I’ll be shopping for all your art supplies at a small and local art store that I love in Chestnut Hill, PA - Artists & Craftsman!

  • Once you fill out the form you'll receive an invoice to pay. Once you pay, I go shopping!


You thought that was it? No, we’re extra over here. Your artist will be a custom letter from me, maybe some stickers I made, maybe a custom paint by number or little lesson on how to shade. I’m making your money worth it because we support all artists or creatives here!

Let’s go an extra mile and give your artist a 20% off discount to 1 individual session with me. In this session we can learn all about their supplies or they can have the opportunity to ask any questions about how to use any supplies they got! We’ll spend either a half hour or an hour together, whatever you choose and you’ll get the discount applied to 1 session! This discount will be valid to redeem for up to 3 months post gifting a TM Fine Art Box - not from date of purchase but date of gifting! I’ll include a voucher for this discount in each box!

Long story short, I’m an artist supporting other artists to make more art and shopping at a local art store to give back to small communities, not large corporations. Please reach out with any questions!

With love,


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