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How to order your own prints!

Step by step guide to my favorite ordering sites that offer plenty of high quality services at affordable prices! Perfect for all those digital drawings or illustrations, or for digital purchases of my prints that you want to print your own!

You bought a digital image of my art to print on your own, now what?

It's a great big world out there in the printing realm of things and you want a good deal, well I'm going to tell you right where you can find it - even in your own neighborhood!

When you click on an image in the store section of my website you'll find all my current pieces of art available for print options! I'm all about affordable art, that's why I offer digital image sales of my art for only $5. That's why I'm writing this blog so you can find the best places near you that you can order your own print when you download your digital image of my art.



find that piece you want in your home, I'm using my sunflower painting as an example. Click on the image from the store page to expand the image and see all the options for printing. The digital image is the first option in the list, click on digital image!


when you click on digital image you'll be offered the options of standard or extended license. It's a $5 difference in price, so you can pay five more dollars for additional use of the image. Both print the same quality image!


you'll add to your cart and happily check out (or add more art to your cart)! Watch your emails after checking out because you'll receive an email from 'Order a Print' with the download link of the image. I'm personally hands off in the process. But I'm always here to help if you have any questions or need to get in touch with the company that fulfills my art orders!

Alright, you have the image - now it's time to print!

I'm going to share some of my favorite places and sites to order my art from at affordable prices. The first being Shutterfly because of offering such great quality art prints and so many deals at times! They have some great options that I don't offer on my site simply because it's not an option for me to offer. Everything that I can make for you with my art, is available and posted on my site! That way I can be able to suit a lot of different lifestyles but for people who still want to support my art!

Some local places that are in almost every neighborhood are FedEx and Walgreens. I personally have never ordered from FedEx prints but I follow a lot of different art pages that also print art for affordable prices, and everyone raves about FedEx being great quality and great prices! I order from Walgreens often and they have so many options! Most of the time, you can get next day pick up from both of these stores. I know for Walgreens, if you can't pick up that day or there's a problem, they let you know as soon as possible and compensate in prices! I'm very satisfied with working with Walgreens and how nice they always are.

In summary, Shutterfly & Walgreens have great printing options and additional art styled prints that my website doesn't offer. They are both affordable in their own way and provide great quality. Walgreens prints faster than Shutterfly but Shutterfly ships right to your home while Walgreens can be picked up. FedEx provides generic printing but at great prices and quality for larger sized options like a poster, or larger.

Basically, I just gave you three different options to do some searching around in to find what works best for you and your life! But let me tell you, after years of searching for printing options that I approve of - these are it! I have not been disappointed yet with Walgreens and Shutterfly & I'm excited to try FedEx after hearing all the great printing reviews they have!


This is where I leave you, but if you have any questions about printing or what are some things to look out for - literally anything - send me an email or message on facebook or anything. I will get back to you and try to help as much as possible in order to get you art in your home or as a gift that you can afford! I can understand that the prices for some of my options on my website might not be able to work for everyone! That is exactly why I'm writing this blog. Also, I do a lot of digital art prices for people who order commissions on very specific things - so this blog is also for them!

I will always rave about the quality of art that comes from 'Order a Print' who fulfills the art orders through my website. Their price is worth the piece and have around the clock people working in order to make sure you're never left in the dark. So please, if you want to order from my website and you think this is me telling you to order elsewhere, order from my website! I just want to make sure that everyone can have good, affordable art in their lives. I sure get happy seeing how many homes my art can live in, and writing a blog about how I can reach more homes is what I'll do to make sure no one is unable to have their own art piece!

As always THANK YOU for all the support and love and business you all bring me! I couldn't be where I am without the involvement of all of you! Sharing my website, talking about my art to your friends, following me on social media, sending me messages of love, commenting on my posts, mentally saving some items to buy soon, buying my art, reaching out for a commission, - the list goes on and on - and so much more, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will continue making art until I can't make art anymore and I hope in that time, you find something worth living on a wall or in your life!

With love,


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