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Let's talk WEDDINGS!

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Attention 2023 brides + grooms:

We're doing something fun over here at Tori Mengel Art and it includes your special day of marriage! This year I've thought of so many ways to expand my business, create more meaningful art, be at emotional moments to cherish important days with people, and bring art to you. Starting with your wedding day, we're going to have some fun!

First things first, let's look at all I have done already!

Seating charts, signature drink signs, table numbers, memorial signs, welcome signs, guest book signs, custom pet cocktail napkins, and a whole lot of smiles.

All of these signs and custom art is done before your wedding day. When you visit my Wedding Shop tab on my website, you'll be able too see exactly how to order and forms you'll submit photos onto to process your custom art! We can start working as soon as you have your details up until the month before!

I highly recommend submitting all your orders at a minimum of 2 months before your wedding. It takes time to get all your details perfect and make any adjustments we need to!


Now, let's talk about what is to come!

Do you want a completely custom way to remember your wedding? Sure, you have a photographer and maybe a videographer and potentially a photo booth.

But what about a live painter?

Could you imagine having a painting of you and your new spouse standing together during your ceremony? What about a painting of your first dance? Maybe it's a moment under a sunset, or twinkle lights, or a sparkler send off?

If you're saying wow, yes Tori you're a genius. Here's the details:

  • I come for whatever part of your day you want me at, I'll start setting up and get some background details in before you both come into the scene.

  • We'll pick a size and medium: on canvas with acrylic or on watercolor paper to frame with watercolor.

  • I finish the painting at your event and you get it that night, to take with you!

If you're reading this and you're feeling like you're missing out, please don't think we can't get a painting done together! Send me a photo from your special day and I'll make you a custom painting of that photo with my style and you'll have that to hang wherever you want!

What about a live painter for your wedding favors?

Wedding favors have been changing over the years, we went through some fabs and maybe those mini wine glasses with your names on it are getting a little old or over done. Want to give something special to your guests to remember forever? What if I was there to paint custom watercolor paintings of your guests?

If I caught your attention this time, here's the details:

  • I'll come just before your cocktail hour and set up a little spot for your guests to find me at.

  • Everyone will get a 5x7" watercolor portrait in the styles shown above.

  • I'll grab a picture of everyone so no one waits in line and has plenty of time to enjoy their cocktail hour.

  • If I don't get all your guests in this hour, I'll hang tight for the start of reception and place any paintings that weren't claimed on a table for them to grab on their way out!

If you're interested in anything above, send me a an inquiry through my About tab! I would be honored to make your wedding day one to never forget in a completely custom way!

With love,


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