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Got myself a studio!

Man, it's been months since I wrote a blog that actually meant anything. This quarantine gives me plenty of time to catch up on all my small business needs! Before jumping into my studio design, I want to thank everyone who has been my rock during all of this and supporting me with commissions. From the bottom of my heart, I could not show you how much I appreciate all the sales that keep my little business afloat! Okay, enough mushy stuff - let's get to the studio break down!


First, this little room totally fell into my hands. I had no expectations when I messaged a small town gallery to see if they had any available studios. But to my surprise, they had two & they were super affordable for a little artist like me!

When I first walked into this space - there was left over art pieces everywhere, almost like an old storage room, and the back door wasn't even on the hinges. But my interior design vision just needed to add my touches to it, there was plenty of potential. So when I walked in for move in week, this is what I walked into! I was so happy. It was a giant blank canvas.

After taking an instagram poll on what color I should paint my new studio, the two colors I had my followers vote for literally came to a result that was almost 50/50. So basically my followers are just as indecisive as I am! But I settled for a color in-between the two - which looks like this!

The natural light that comes into this room is what captured my heart. After working in our basement at our home for over a year, I needed something with natural light. I found myself bringing my art in all areas of our house just to get natural light, and not even using the space I set up for myself. The three windows along my outside wall just radiate with light and give me so much motivation! Plus feeds my surplus amount of plants!

Move in day, building day, painting day and decorating day happened all at once with the help of my all my family members. The walls were still wet when all my furniture and boxes came in but a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!

So what does it look like now?

But I couldn't be finished until making a gallery wall with all my art.

From a bare, blank wall - to a wall full of interchangeable options of my art throughout the seasons and times! I made these shelves and my brother helped me hang them, which just put the finish touch on everything in my studio.

But if you know me well, you know I don't stop moving things around until it's just about perfect. So, almost everything has move just about once but I think it have it all put exactly where I want by now!

The stuff along my window wall has moved the most. Now, my little electronic shelf found it's new home closer to my second door and my floor easel for my large canvases has moved closer to the white heater.

What's my favorite part?

All of the new opportunities I have to stage my art and take awesome photos that promote my art and love of design for spaces!


One last part: I have seven plants sharing my space with me that help naturally clean the air and keep me company! They're only named after my favorite TV series ever, too.


Okay, the actual last thing: it wouldn't be me without having space to do yoga!

With love,


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