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What that huge beach painting means to me

You know that painting, the one I'm sitting next to that is almost the same size as me. Here's the meaning behind it.

The photo I used for the inspiration of this painting was taken on January 4th, 2019 around 7am in New Smyrna, Florida. For those of who don't know, that's my birthday and I was on a vacation with my immediate family and two best friends. We drove to Florida with 7 adults in a mini van and spent the week on a sunny white beach. This morning was special, for not only it being my 23rd birthday but because the day before a really important event happened.

The day before, all 7 of us went down to the beach and took some great pictures together and of each of us. It was one of the last days we were on vacation and after a great week of being in the sun, we were nice and sun kissed for taking pictures! The weather was perfect, we were going to go to a nice dinner after, and it could not have been a better vacation. You see, that week was my first week off from graduate school and the grading scale is a lot more intense than undergrad. The one grade I received that semester before this vacation would have been an A anywhere else, but was a B+ in the program that I'm in. Leaving me for a much needed vacation to prepare for my second semester as a graduate student. Needless to say, this was that vacation I needed and I was just happy to be spending it with all my favorite humans in a beautiful place.

But to get back to the whole point of this painting. We woke up super early to go on a day trip to a manatee spring an hour away that we were spending the day at. I was so excited that I was up and ready to go so I ran outside to catch the sunrise off the pool deck and it did not disappoint. You see, the photo that is not shown that the sunrise is behind is one that my hand is in because the day before... other half proposed to me!

Oh it was magical, there are no words to describe the feeling of those two days. It was the best birthday eve and birthday yet and I got to spend it with all my best friends!

But back to the painting:

This canvas has been resurfaced three times before getting to this final painting. It had two other paintings on it at one point that I just could not get anywhere close to what I envisioned for them. I needed that special moment, I needed a connection to the scene I was making & this one was exactly that emotion that I needed behind my oil paint. Scroll through the photos below to see my process of how I got to my final painting.

Once I finished, I double framed it with a complex frame that I use to finish my stretched canvases. If you want to read about how to make your own complex frame - read about it in my blog called 'DIY custom frames!'. The original painting, after being framed, sits at almost 3 and a half feet by 4 and a half feet. I have the pleasure to wake up to it every morning because now it's hanging on our bedroom wall!

You can have your own piece of it through my website at any form you want! This painting can be put on any of the options that I have available through my store. I can't wait to see how many homes this painting finds! It is my proudest one yet and I am so happy with how it came out!

With love,


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